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The gallery of producer/videographer/photographer illy killy.


Duluth Homegrown Music Festival ‘18 music video showcase piece. Bands submitted a song for the showcase and videographers applied to be assigned a randomly selected song. Participants were allowed to use pre-shot footage, which was great, because I had been collecting and editing the footage in “Cue the Strings” over several months. Before the HG18 assembly began, I asked a musician friend what she thought the song was about. It is up for interpretation, but this song carried the mood of the struggle to choose the right thing to say, at the right time and a lovely melodic depiction of the perils of communication. It stirred introspective journeying and access to a sense of soothing.  My most treasured friend and confidant Brittany Rae Broman was the actress in this video. She always let me film her when I thought something was beautiful and interesting. I can’t thank her enough. Also thank you to HG organizers, this festival has always kept art alive in my life.

University of Wisconsin - Superior senior capstone short film “Love is” by Chris Linder was an amazingly professional production to be involved with. Chris and I worked on a student film in 2016 and also a couple music videos before he asked me to be involved with “Love is,” so it was exciting to combine our expertise again for another final product. I was especially happy when Ramona Marozas took the role as Anna. I had been working with her on different film projects for two years as well.

I grew very fond of the script as we spent many hours analyzing it.  It was a story about two committed people, keeping love alive between one other, while also striving to be their own successful, individual selves. There were things made them feel distant, and things that brought them together. There was a quiet longing for something they didn’t quite know how to say, and yet an endearing innocence to their candid, loyal nature towards each other. Production design involved studying each character, planning wardrobe according to the scenes, curating different sets, strategizing how the shoot would flow and assisting during the shoot. I so much enjoyed the aesthetics of this project.

Hey, my name is Killy Kay, I directed, shot & edited this Noble Sound System fan video "Takin it Easy." I love reggae & am so happy this band performs in Duluth.

The acting roles were played by Ramona Marozas and R.Fusion, find us on FaceBook/Instagram if you like. Maybe you want to do a collaboration?

R.Fusion & Ramona met on a movie set up here in the northland & later on she and I drove to his home town in the Twin Cities to get footage for this video. Great working with them, hope you enjoy.

This DJ Shaman music video is here to try and explain how much of a major masterpiece the sound & lights shows are at Function Production events. “Temple of Boom” was a seriously collaborative night of amazing DJs playing an ingenious blend of original drum n bass, neurofunk, hip hop, jungle, edm, and dubstep. This event was put on by Function Productions at The Red Herring Lounge. Check out their next event and come to the Red Herring Red Room to DANCE!

Nightmare is the second single from the Superior Siren album released on January 12th, 2018. Directing, shooting and editing this piece was all about creating a completely unusual image.  There was also something beautiful I wanted to preserve through capturing feminine beauty, despite how the character seems under stress or perhaps as though she was trapped in a bad dream.

Production and Cinematography: Killy Kay
Editing Assistance:
Model: Cam Rose

© 2017

Superior Siren LP available at

LOST (EXPLICIT) is the final track of the Superior Siren album released on January 12th, 2018. The music and video paint a situation of a person who is alone, going in and out of feelings, while thinking about the game of love and desire.  I would have to say that in times of being lost, we walk aimlessly for a while, wanting love, but not knowing quite what to do as we try to figure people out. All to find they might not be all that inspiring or inspired by what they once said. In the video, it seems like this conundrum is on the character’s mind wherever she goes.

Production and Cinematography: Killy Kay
Model: Laura Sellner of Superior Siren

© 2017

Superior Siren LP available at

Duluth, MN held a contest (2016) in which production crews had 48 hours to make a Bob Dylan music video. This is Mode73's entry! Director/Editor: Kate Harrison. DP/Editor: Chris Linder. Actress: Ramona Jeanne. Production Assistant: Leander John Van Ess. Peace love and all that.

This video was produced in Duluth, MN.  I edited the footage months after summer had passed, and while the treacherous northern winter was just setting in.  It’s a tribute to true love & being alive. Featured is my voice, uke & exceptional friend Brittany Rae Broman. Cheers to art!!!

" She was my love
one summer long

We'd hit the streets
to watch the boats dock

She'd take my pain
make it sail away

let it go
let it go

She was love
like I had never known

In her eyes was this paradise

A heart like mine,
but a beating drum

Set to dance
how we could be alone"

I will forever love this song because it tells an honest story about someone’s life. One we don’t hear much about in music. A grandmother, thinking of her lover who has passed, waiting one day at a time, for her turn. I love the metaphor of death being a train that will arrive to take us away. It is as lovely as it is solemn. My grandparents met at the railroad in St. Paul, my grandmother a secretary, my grandfather shoveled coal and became an engineer. Shooting the video felt like a homage to them. The day we began the shoot, my grandmother passed and so too joined my grandfather in the great beyond. Coincidences like this make existence seem truly special.  

My sentiments are often best translated into a song or a poem so I can know them better, and let them be a celebration of creation & release, rather than just hard, unsorted feelings. This poem-song-video is about how we have to move on quickly in many cases and stop thinking about whatever it is that we shouldn't think anymore.

It always seems like there is a certain uncontrollable need to recount events and ill will. A lot of times it's about a person & failed hopes or doubt. It feels right to think of them because of longing, or nostalgia, or it’s somehow comfortably what you know, but it doesn't make you feel any better, it usually feels worse. Who knows why we are tormented by thoughts and why we don’t spend more time thinking about what we want. Perhaps because it hasn’t happened and feels so far away.   

This short poem is about knowing all of that and choosing to not give negativity energy. It’s often the hard thing to do, and hard to hold yourself to it. Life is too short in the right ways, too long in the wrong ways. Yet, there is a calling, asking us to instead be in search of higher ground & happiness. It takes a lot of strength to continue moving on & to keep manifesting the life you want. It’s whatever road you find, and a small amount of time to get to it and go on down it. Can’t be held back. Keeping up in the best way.

"She don't care long

but she do it cuz she's strong

She would love to sit and think about it.

Its just that time

yeah it's always on the run

and she's gotta try

to keep up."

A dedication to awareness created by Killy Kay and Laura Mae Poetry written by Laura Mae for Duluth Homegrown Music Festival 2016 Video shot and produced by Killy Kay near Lake Superior in the summer of 2016